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Your case will be handled by him directly from beginning to end.  There are no junior associates or inexperienced lawyers at our firm. If we accept your case, it will be managed as if it were a million dollar trial and, we believe, that when a case is treated that way, the insurance companies fear it and pay more money.

Limited Practice: We only accept cases we believe in. This careful selection of cases means we will know you and your case. You will work with the same lawyer and team from start to finish.

Knowledge is Power: Knowing you and your case thoroughly helps us get you the best recovery.

You're Never Alone: Our clients are kept informed of all movement in their case from court appearances to trial dates. At any time during a case, our clients can contact our office and get the status of their case, discuss concerns, or get answers to their questions.  We are always just a phone call away.

Trial Preparation: Courtroom preparation has formed the base of our successful trial firm. We use the best technology and presentation methods to instruct jurors about complex legal issues. We utilize computer simulations to recreate accidents and demonstrate medical procedures allowing each juror to completely understand the basis of our client's claim.

Fighting Frivolous Defenses: It is the job of the defense to demonstrate to juries why their client is not at fault. It is our job to make sure the battery of lawyers used by a doctor, hospital, or insurer doesn't confuse the jurors. As the defense seeks to deny your claim or minimize its value, they employ stalling tactics and delays. At Martin L. Ginsberg, P.C., we employ experts, consultants, and the best methods for ensuring each case moves forward as quickly as the Courts will allow and that every juror receives all of the information they need to see our client's claims clearly.

Trial Lawyers Get Better Results: Even if your case settles, we believe that you will receive more money when the entire case is handled by lawyers who understand what it takes to win at trial.

Insurance companies pay more when they're scared to lose!

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